Thursday May 28th 2015

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For a full and documented history of the Pontifex Maximus  (MAN-MADE) religious system, of Lucifer "SUN" worship / Babylon "MYSTERY" religion / 666 and its intentions today to eliminate True BIBLICAL Christianity and set up a counterfeit-ANTICHRIST (FALSE-MESSIAH) Kingdom of God on earth (in Jerusalem) / Daniel 11:45 under the auspices of the New World Order, (GREAT SEAL); order now: the 400 page book, “THE GRAND DESIGN EXPOSED”, an extraordinary documented 400-page book, that lays bare the history of just how the Jesuits, Freemasonry and other Secret Societies of Roman Catholicism have masterminded world events to successfully establish their New World Order. 

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The Grand Design "Exposed", By John Daniel

Grand Design Exposed Grand Design Exposed - BACK COVER


The Great Chastisement Package:

By the Grace of God you have just been made aware of coming satanic events, designed purposely to deceive and force humanity into the gates of hell. – But for full information, order "The Great Chastisement" package, that includes (1) Roman Catholic Fatima prophecy document (2) Igniting planet Saturn document, including NASA and 27 other website sources (3) Roman Catholic website document for world takeover (4) World population reduction document, ( 5 ) dvd  ~ Exposing Lucifer Worshipers( Plotting Soon World Takeover)". Small segment of the dvd is on site (Who's behind it all?)

Send $25.00 (cash / GREEN BACKS)  ONLY to:  P.O. Box 1465- MURPHY, N.C. 28906



National Security will demand Martial Law and the Nazification of America after a soon coming massive terrorist strike – a well planned agenda to soon implement the New World Order!  A term and an alias for a religious “Holy Mission” to rule the whole world. (See back of one dollar bill.)  Learn how – Nazi Germany is now being used as a prototype in America today. About Operation Paperclip, the Rat Line, origin of O.S.S., C.I.A., and Skull and Bones – which is a black lodge of Freemasonry. About the oil elite, terror, Bin Laden and 9/11 connection. Read 172 pages of startling, fully documented facts from the book, “America Betrayed” – Brotherhood of Death – Crimes of Corporate High Treason”.  Discover the “Truth”!   And learn what is happening in America today is a fore-taste and prelude to the soon coming terrible role the Bible describes America will play in the “End Time”. Included is the dvd: "The Ratline".

To Order:

send $25.00 (cash / GREEN BACKS) "ONLY" to: 

 P.O. Box 1465 – MURPHY, N.C. 28906 (U.S.)