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AmeriKa “Explicitly” Identified in Prophecy!

AmeriKa “Explicitly” Identified in Prophecy!

Revelation 13: AmeriKa “Explicitly” Identified in Prophecy! Biblical Fulfillment of Their “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (DANIEL 11:45) 11) And I (John) beheld another beast [Read More]


THE "CATHOLIC"  FOUNDING FATHERS   The Catholic Founding Fathers "The Carroll Family"     " A TIME SUCH AS THIS"!    [Read More]

Jesuits direct MacArthur; Mass CONversions to Catholicism

The Ashlar and The Cross   A new book says that in the post-war era, Gen. Douglas MacArthur perceived a “spiritual vacuum” in Japan and tried to fill it with spiritual beliefs, including Christianity and  Freemasonry.     In the book, 1945 [Read More]