Tuesday September 23rd 2014

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The US Capitol: a Mirror of Vatican City

founded in the "image" of her mother (Rome) / Vatican by the Jesuit order; beginning in 1633 aboard the (Ark and The Dove) at the very latest; more likely before, as Loyola's brother was aboard Columbus Second voyage (1493). Although they were not founded [Read More]

The 12th Crusade – Zionism vs Islam – WW3

        http://youtu.be/o_5TITu4h9o [Read More]

The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers (video)

  Chris Pinto exposes: "The Hidden Faith of America’s Founding Fathers" – Deists, Christians (R.C.), Jesuits, High- FreeMasons,  Luciferean-Satanists,  NWOists?     http://youtu.be/xU24fJ4NQxo [Read More]

Pope Benedict XVI Denies Jesus is the Christ

   This short video segment originates from a Tridentine Roman Catholic website. This short video proves that, like his predecessor Pope John Paul II before him, Pope Benedict XVI also believes and teaches that Jesus was not the Christ and that the Jews have [Read More]


    http://youtu.be/h-h2espvbB0   "A LAMP IN THE DARK" http://avenueoflight.com/2011/01/858/ [Read More]